Profile: Abrigal Forrester, M.P.P.

Director of Community Action, Madison Park Development Corporation | MPP Candidate

“I enrolled at UEP in order to increase my knowledge and understand how policies are developed. I also wanted to explore some of the ways individuals and communities can push to move ideas and a vision for a better quality of life into policy change. I came to UEP to enhance my understanding about community economic development, because I am invested in looking for different ways low-income communities can better sustain themselves and push back against issues like gentrification.

“I see myself turning vision into practice by first understanding the important concepts and practices associated with making my vision come true. Whether that vision is seeking policy changes or more effective services in urban communities, there are challenges with the public school system, and limited access to housing. Once I understand the concepts and practices, I will be better equipped to lay out strategies and educate those who are on the journey with me.

“UEP is confirming some of the thoughts and ideas I have about systems and institutions, and how policies are developed and implemented in a way that may not be in the best interests of low-income communities. UEP is also giving me a deeper understanding of how systems within the federal government operate by looking at the strategies behind decision making in our political system, and how to research information pertaining to specific issues.”