12 Field Projects Completed by UEP Student Teams in Spring 2021

In spring 2021, UEP master’s students worked with a dozen nonprofit community and governmental partners on semester-long Field Projects. In this core course, teams of 5-6 gain professional skills and put their classroom knowledge to work through real-world projects. Final project reports are accessible at the UEP Field Projects web page.

This year brought a diverse range of projects addressing sustainability and environmental justice, affordable and fair housing, community economic development, placemaking, and childcare. Project partners included five cities and towns, three state agencies, two nonprofit groups, and three community-based organizations. Projects focused on:

  • Climate adaptation strategies for Provincetown
  • Reducing retail vacancy in East Somerville
  • Assessing the impacts of affordable housing in four communities in Massachusetts
  • Impacts of a community land trust on neighborhood stability, affordability, and equity

These projects are already making an impact. Several teams have made presentations to various boards and committees related to their project partners. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has already posted their team’s project on the economics of reuse economy in the state to its solid waste master plan website. Project partners will continue to make use of the data, analysis, and recommendations made by their teams.

UEP congratulates all the Field Projects teams on completing their projects! Despite pandemic conditions which forced their teams to do most of their collaboration virtually, students not only persevered, but finished high quality outputs that are providing value to their partners.