Launched on February 9th, 2021! The UEPodcast serves as an extension of the Practical Visionaries Blog, and will provide a new avenue through which our broader community can keep up with all things UEP.

On the UEPodcast, you’ll hear interviews with faculty members, current students, and alumni, profiles of various courses and projects going on within the department, and inside looks at clubs, classes, and internships. If you’re a UEP alum, a current student, a prospective student, or just someone who cares about social justice in the context of urban policy and planning – this is for you. 

We’re going to try and capture the spirit of UEP, not just in the topics we choose to focus on, but also in the process we undertake to make these episodes. This podcast is going to be co-created with the UEP community – and that means anyone can make an episode! We hope you’ll join us – as a listener and as a producer!