Erica Walker and the Quest for Urban Quiet

Erica Walker (MSc ’11) is the founder of Noise and the City, an organization with a mission of providing community residents with accessible and relevant noise advocacy tools. She recently released NoiseScore, a free smartphone application that allows community members to objectively and subjectively describe community noise issues and map their response in real-time. She graduated from the UEP program in 2011 with a Master of Science degree in Environmental Economics and Urban Planning, and recently graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with a doctorate in Environmental Health. She feels a bit hypocritical because she loves the idea of urban chickens despite knowing how loud they can be. Current UEP student Liza Burkin interviewed her via email:

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CoRE Summer Fellows 2017: Minnie McMahon, Neighbor to Neighbor

Each summer, two Tufts UEP graduate students work with community partners for a 10-week fellowship through the CoRE (Co-learning/Co-education) partnership. Funded by Tisch College, fellows get hands-on experience in community planning, organizing and development while helping to extend the collaborative work between the Tufts and the community partner. Below, Minnie McMahon reflects on her summer 2017 experience with Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts. Next week, we’ll share Sharon Cho’s experiences with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative.

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