Making Urban Streets Safe For All with Kristiana Lachiusa

In this week’s episode, Allie sits down with Kristiana Lachiusa. She is currently a Master of Public Policy (MPP) student at UEP. Before this, Kristiana was the Director of Transit and Outreach at Livable Streets where she led the transit advocacy team.

Kristiana discusses how a near-death experience on a bike changed her perspective on access to transportation and started her on a journey in transportation advocacy.  Listen to the full episode now to hear how you can get involved in making your streets safer, the benefits of working at a small non-profit, and tips to make friends with your neighbors!

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Kristiana’s Advocacy Orgs to Get Check Out:

Transportation focused:

  1. Livable Streets Alliance
    1. We advocate for innovative and equitable transportation solutions that create safe, affordable and convenient options for everyone in Metro Boston.
  2. Boston Cyclist Union
    1. Our mission is to transform the streets of greater Boston into equitable and inviting people-centered spaces affording access and connection for every body. We accomplish this through organizing, advocacy, public actions, and holding city and state agencies accountable to build out the network of safe, protected bike infrastructure.
  3. Walk Boston
    1. WalkBoston makes walking safer and easier in Massachusetts to encourage better health, a cleaner environment and more vibrant communities. Our website is centered on the work we do with people and organizations in communities across the state.
  4. TransitMatters
    1. TransitMatters is dedicated to improving transit in and around Boston by offering new perspectives, uniting transit advocates, and informing the public. We utilize a high level of critical analysis to advocate for plans and policies that promote convenient, effective, and equitable transportation for everyone.
  5. Neighborways
    1. Listen to this previous episode with Founder and UEP Lecturer: Mark Chase.
    1. Neighborways’ mission is to help communities build networks of traffic-calmed streets that are inviting for people of all ages, and prioritize biking and walking. We believe streets should be beautiful places that incorporate local art and creativity, and serve as a meeting place where you can engage with your neighbors.

Location Specific:

  1. GreenRoots Chelsea
    1. GreenRoots is a community-based organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the urban environment and public health in Chelsea and surrounding communities. We do so through deep community engagement and empowerment, youth leadership and implementation of innovative projects and campaigns.
  2. Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) – Roxbury
    1. We organize Roxbury residents and work with community organizers locally, statewide and nationally to build platforms and offer resources that address systemic injustice. We work directly within the frontline communities that are most impacted bringing critical solutions that include advocacy, organizing, legal and regulatory campaigns.  ACE is the first environmental justice nonprofit organization in Massachusetts and has defended the rights of Roxbury residents for over 25 years.