Profile: Erika Niedowski, M.P.P.

Policy Advocate at Acadia Center | MPP 2017 Graduate

“I chose UEP in large part because of the department’s small size and the ability to study alongside other mid-career professionals in the Master of Public Policy program. My peers had such diverse backgrounds and were so accomplished! As a career changer, I also wanted to be sure I enrolled somewhere that valued the practical application of the knowledge and skills we were getting on campus.

“I am really excited to start work post-graduation in the clean energy sector. In the Providence office of Acadia Center, my portfolio will include energy efficiency and other renewable energy initiatives in Rhode Island and throughout the Northeast. I think for the time being, state and local jurisdictions are going to be the most aggressive – and successful – movers in addressing climate change. We are going to need inclusive, evidence-based policies that are developed collaboratively and that work in the real world, not just on paper or in university classrooms. I feel ready to help devise, advocate for and implement those policies.

“At UEP I had the flexibility to explore and hone my professional and academic interests while also acquiring the foundational skills needed to address complex public policy issues. For instance, during my second semester, I worked with another MPP student to devise an internal carbon pricing program for Tufts, which we hope will be implemented on a pilot basis. UEP is small enough that it’s easy to connect with faculty, but at the same time, thinking big is encouraged.”