Show us the Money! Social Impact Investing with Lara Isiolaotan

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In this week’s episode, Peter meets Lara for a coffee chat. 

They discover their shared love of mushrooms, not on their plates, but as an innovative building material; discuss their most impactful class of the semester and more.

Lara Isiolaotan is in her first year as a Master of Public Policy student. Previously, she has been working in the nonprofit space in her home country, Canada, advocating for the needs of marginalized communities for about 7 years. Listen to the episode to learn more about Lara’s interests and hopes while at UEP.

Interested in having a coffee chat with someone in the UEP community?

All current students and alumni are invited to participate in coffee chats. If you’re interested in joining next semester, please look out for an email from Casey Auch or contact her directly via email: