Student to Lecturer, A Conversation With Mark Chase

In this week’s episode of the UEPodcast, listen in for a conversation with UEP Lecturer and Alumni, Mark Chase. Mark is Founder and Principal at Neighborways Design, a Boston area based firm specializing in low stress streets, placemaking and public art on the street. He was part of the senior management team that launched the innovative car-sharing program Zipcar and social networking car-pool site GoLoco. He co-founded Central Bike Services, a bicycle facility installation and maintenance company based in Boston.

Mark has been teaching a graduate level Transportation Planning at Tufts University since 2008. He is actively involved with creating neighborhood shared streets and has been a long time proponent of parking-reform as a key component of sustainable transportation systems. Mark also serves as an adviser and technical expert for the Boston Based Livable Streets Alliance. In this episode, Allie and Mark discuss his journey to UEP and how his role has changed over the years.

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