UEPodcast Episode 1: An Introduction

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the UEPodcast! In this episode, producers Lily Linke and Ella Brady talk about why storytelling is so critical for urban planners, and what motivated them to start a podcast for UEP. Take a listen and find out how you can participate!

Listen on all platforms here: https://anchor.fm/tufts-uepodcast/episodes/UEPodcast-Episode-1-Introduction-eq305s

Lily Linke completed her MA at UEP in the Fall of 2020. With a background in arts education, she is passionate about storytelling, and she truly believes that it can change the world. She came to Mary Davis last year with the idea to start a podcast for UEP, and she is thrilled that it’s actually happening. Lily has just started a new role as the Municipal Engagement Program Associate with the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, and she is grateful to be handing off this project to Ella.

Ella Brady is a second year UEP student as well as a 5th year combined degree BA/MA student who is very excited about working on the UEPodcast this semester! She has a background in theatrical sound design and an interest in creating accessible forms of media within the field(s) of policy and planning. She will be around supporting community members in participating in the podcasting process, and reachable by email at Ella.Brady@tufts.edu!