UEPodcast Episode 9: The B-Change with Eric Friedman

This week on the UEPodcast, we collaborated with the B-Change podcast to interview Eric Friedman, the director of Massachusetts’s Leading By Example program, which works to reduce the environmental footprint of state government across the state’s many programs, including state colleges and universities, prison system, state parks, state highways, etc. We spoke with Eric about his approach to leadership and change and how is UEP experiences informed his professional development.

The B-Change podcast talks with nonprofit social justice leaders and emerging leaders about leading in ways that reflect their values such as democracy, inclusivity and transparency. Warren Goldstein-Gelb, who joined us on the podcast this week, is the cohost of the B-Change podcast.

Eric Friedman

Leading by Example Program: http://mass.gov/orgs/leading-by-example

The B-Change Podcast: https://www.b-change.net/the-hosts

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